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Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery not only offers comprehensive solutions to help you look and feel your best - we also aim to provide the best experience you’ve ever had with a doctor. Imagine hearing your favorite songs played in the treatment while Dr. Truesdale expertly sculpts the face of your dreams. Imagine a doctor who breaks down the medical jargon into language you can actually understand. A doctor who can translate your vision of how you want to feel into an actionable treatment plan, without you feeling like you need to be an expert in facial plastic surgery terms and procedures. Dr. Truesdale is that doctor!

Dr. Truesdale has built expertise in facial plastic surgery. He’s had over a decade of training and practice at world-famous universities, hospitals, and private practice clinics. He is trained in the latest techniques, procedures, and devices. Dr. Truesdale will translate his expertise into a friendly conversation. He knows all the right questions to ask to uncover how you want to look and feel, and will recommend a customized treatment plan to get you there. If you’re a candidate for multiple options, he’ll explain them all and give you a recommendation for what he thinks would work best for you, considering your goals, timeline, and budget.

If you are trusting a surgeon with your face, you have the right to know what to expect, to get all your questions answered, and to feel fully heard and understood. Trust Dr. Truesdale and you’ll be glad you did.

What are people saying about Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery?

At Truesdale Facial Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to building genuine trust with our patients. Our individualized cosmetic surgery makes all the difference, and we’re honored to positively impact our Beverly Hills community and patients who travel from across the U.S. and around the world to see Dr. Truesdale. 

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Now I can't wait to go back to work!"

Doctor Truesdale basically saved my life. I went to him after having HORRIBLE HORRIBLE fillers under my eyes that left me with noticeable bumps that even with makeup I couldn’t hide. I was literally crying every day and I don’t know what I would have done without wearing a face mask during my work zoom meetings. 


I went to another doctor to get them dissolved which didn’t work. I found Dr. Truesdale’s IG profile and called them. His staff members, Juliana and Maria are so compassionate and did everything to accommodate me with an appt the next day. 


I saw Dr. Truesdale and he made me feel so welcome and comfortable that I told him "where have you been?" He went over my options a few times, with all the details provided. 


With only 2 visits, under my eyes looks so different and BETTER. He knows his stuff. He’s so caring and compassionate that I don’t mind driving that hour to see him. 


I will be going to him for my rhinoplasty because I can’t trust anyone else. 


Doctor Truesdale, you truly changed my life and put me out of my misery. I haven’t left the house for 5 weeks and now I can’t wait to go back to work. If you need a plastic surgeon, don’t look any further.

— J. Kharat

I can honestly say that I love my face now"

I consider myself extremely lucky to have met and become a patient of Dr. Carl Truesdale. In late November 2020, I came across Dr. Truesdale's page on IG and saw a post where he was performing a buccal fat removal procedure. As I got older, my chubby cheeks were not so cute to me anymore. In fact, I wanted my face to look more mature. My original consultation was just going to be for the buccal fat removal procedure but lucky for me, we were able to discuss my other concerns during my consult. Upon meeting Dr. Truesdale, I felt comfortable, listened to and confident in his skills and professionalism. And let me tell you, my instincts were 100% right!


In December 2020, Dr. Truesdale performed three procedures on me: buccal fat removal, chin lipo, and a primary open rhinoplasty/septoplasty. The most recent procedure was the rhinoplasty and I am thrilled with my results thus far and I'm only a month post-op! Dr. Truesdale is not only a skilled surgeon but he's a real artist! Like literally! I can honestly say that I love my face now. I truly look like the best version of myself. Everything looks so damn natural, it's just unreal. I'm not even fully healed yet! My recovery has all gone so smoothly that sometimes I just cannot believe that this all happened in December.


But here is what sets Dr. Truesdale apart from so many others in his profession: he's caring, honest, transparent and just such a cool person. One of my friends has also booked with him for surgery based on my experience alone! Dr. Truesdale is a STAR.

— Lissa B.

Revision Rhinoplasty of my Dreams"

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon who is 100% devoted to his craft and his patients go to Doctor Truesdale! I had 2 failed rhinoplasties which left me scarred. Surgeons turned me away because they weren't up for the task. But then I found Dr. Truesdale!


He assessed my nose and pointed out multiple issues that no other doctor had addressed. I was extremely scared because of my past experiences but he calmed me down and reassured me every step of the way.


He is also a talented portrait artist which, combined with his surgical expertise, gives him a unique level of understanding of beauty and proportions.


The day of the surgery he made sure to check in with me again and calm me down and then proceeded to rebuild my nose entirely, sparing no effort. He not only transformed it esthetically but also significantly improved my breathing.


Post op he has been incredible too! I had a lot of anxiety and questions and he reassured me and answered swiftly and patiently anytime I messaged him. I'm now 2 months post OP and he has truly transformed my life! I used to obsess over my nose daily and it made me incredibly depressed and now it looks better every time I look at it! It's even better than the photoshopped version and goes beyond anything I thought possible considering the state of my nose.


If you want a doctor you can trust, who will make your plastic surgery dreams come true, go to Dr. Truesdale!

— Tara J.

I felt safe in his hands"

Dr. Truesdale is among the very best. Patient driven and focused. Knowledgeable about all things cosmetic whether it's injectables or actual cosmetic surgery. 


Dr. Truesdale is aware of what procedures may benefit you and always honest about the procedures that you won't benefit from or not necessary. I've visited Dr. Truesdale for injectables and surgery and honestly couldn't imagine having any of them performed by anyone else. Most importantly he was patient with me and allowed the opportunity to ask numerous questions. 


I felt safe in his hands. I promise you won't be disappointed by your visit. Above all, he is a honest and genuine doctor who cares about your results and wants you to be happy. Again, he's among the very very best.

— Adam B.

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